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The team manager HMI & Usability assures the leadership within the organization on all questions concerning HMI workflows, ergonomics, look&feel and usability and the implementation of a homogeneous identity of all device and software product HMIs of the BUAD.
The team manager is the interface of all HMI & Usability concerned internal stakeholder like Marketing, R&D, IFU, etc and manages external subcontracting with Usability, Design and rapid-prototyping experts.
  • Assure the definition and deployment of a HMI development process
  • Support Marketing in the 62366 and HE75 conform definition of HMI and usability requirements
  • Support Usability feedback loops (usability studies and tests) with internal and external customers
  • Establish and maintain cross-project/product HMI rules and style-guides
  • Specify and validate product specific workflows
  • Manage the creation of product specific HMI specifications and simulators
  • Manage involved subcontractors
  • Represent and synchronize the BUAD HMI activities with Division and Corporate level activities follow the evolution of related regulations and recommendations

  • Professional relationships Internal:
  • Team Manager
  • Marketing service interface to translate MKT requirements into HMI executable specifications
  • R&D service interface to formalize and adapt HMi specifications for Design Inputs

  • Professional relationships External:
  • Subcontract management of design, ergonomy, usability test and simulation experts

  • Profil Recherché

  • Experience as productmanager or technical responsible in the development of Medical devices with complex userinterfaces (pumps, monitoring, etc)
  • Experience in the specification and formal description methods for workflows and userinterfaces
  • Knowledge of the regulatory eco-system (IEC62366, HE75, etc)
  • Knowledge in key principles of ergonomics and usability
  • Multi-disciplinary communication skills in order to negotiate with R&D, Marketing and customers
  • Group
  • and subcontractor management skills
  • Feeling and interest for aesthetic and design problems
  • Capacity to justify and defend design decisions

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